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THE PITCH: April in Cricket Square

Posted by on 1st April 2019

The Brasserie organic gardens are flourishing with fruits and vegetables as we welcome Spring and celebrate our final Harvest Dinner of the 2018/2019 season.

Earth Day blossoms in CSQ

THE BRASSERIE – Bring your reusable travel mug to the Market on Thursday 18 April and receive FREE drip coffee all day to celebrate Earth Day2019. While you’re there, grab a bag of coffee grounds or egg shells from our wheelbarrow to add to your garden soil. The coffee will release nitrogen, potassium and phosphorous to support plant growth, and the egg shells will provide calcium and potentially deter those hungry snails.

Harvest Dinner: 7pm, Friday 12 April

THE CABOOSE – Multiple James Beard Award winner, including Outstanding American Chef, and creator of award-winning Modern Israeli Cuisine restaurant and cookbook Zahav, Michael Solomonov, is bringing Israeli Soul to The Brasserie with cookbook to match! Enjoy juicy, grilled and roasted spice-rubbed meats, stuffed vegetables, a wealth of chopped salads and much more. Tickets are $90. Call 945-1815 or email us to book.

SWIRL: 5-7pm, Thursday 25 April

THE BRASSERIE — From floundering to flourishing, join us for this exclusive SWIRL event to discover how Israel’s boutique wineries are putting the country’s wine back on the map. The area that is now Israel was a major wine-producer in biblical times, long before the likes of Italy, but the industry vanished for a millennium. Fast-forward to today, and Israeli wine, spread over 350 wineries and five regions, is the toast of wine connoisseurs worldwide. Call 945 1815 or email to book for ‘Wines of Israel’. Tickets are $30.

Taste of Cayman: Saturday 6 April

CAMANA BAY – After winning last year’s ‘Best Food’ with our delicious Smoked Beef Brisket with Garden Green Papaya Slaw, The Brasserie is back to hold onto its title. Expect our popular cocktails and mouthwatering food as we celebrate Cayman traditions and a rich island culinary heritage. General admission tickets are $40. Join over 5,500 foodies and visit the Taste of Cayman website for more information.

Easter Bunny to visit Brasserie Market

THE MARKET – The Easter Bunny will be hopping by the Brasserie Market on Monday 15 April to drop off mouthwatering goodies for you to enjoy during the entire week in the lead up to Easter. Take time to enjoy the sweet things in life this Easter! Please note that the Brasserie Restaurant, Market, Caboose, Juiced @ The Wicket and Wicket Bar will be closed on Good Friday and Easter Monday. We will reopen on Tuesday 23 April.

Curbside pick-up at the Caboose

THE CABOOSE — Did you know that you can takeaway all items on our Caboose menu? If your fridge is empty and you’re in a hurry to get home after work, call 945-1816 to order ahead, then pull up curbside in our new pick-up designated areas and aCaboose team member will bring your order over to you. You don’t even need to get out of your vehicle! Open from 11am to 6pm weekdays, choose from our quality meats and vegetarian options.

Juiced @ The Wicket weekly $5 specials

WICKET BAR — Enjoy our $5 Juiced @ The Wicket special each week using the seasonal ingredients of Cayman in our nutritious, nourishing, energising and refreshing concoctions that will make you and your wallet feel good. Our specials don’t often feature on the regular Juiced @ menu, so make the most of this sweet opportunity. Call 927-6419 to order ahead.

Tenant activity in Cricket Square

CRICKET SQUARE — Development continues at Cricket Square with Paget-Brown Trust Company Ltd moving from Boundary Hall to Century Yard, providing more space for Maples Group who are expanding and renovating their office spaces. We would like to welcome Grant Thornton who have now moved into their new home at Century Yard. Should you have any questions, please contact Orchid Development on 947 7080.

Spring training starts now at The Club

THE CLUB — Grab a friend and take advantage of The Club‘s Spring partner training packages. Purchase four partner sessions for $150 per person or eight partner sessions for $280 per person. Get over the crazy March madness and be ready for Cayman Carnival season. Call 949-CLUB or email the team to sign up.

ENERGY welcomes Melissa to the team

ENERGY — Welcome Melissa, the newest member of theENERGY team! A Certified Stott Pilates Instructor with over 10 years experience. Find out more about ENERGY’S Pilates Start Up Package for $199 by chatting to the ENERGY crew when next in the studio. This package includes three private sessions and one group fitness class. You can also call 946 6006 or email.

Who’s ready to fiesta in Cricket Square?

WICKET BAR — Grab your sombrero, maracas, and even your taco outfit (if you’ve got one handy) as Mexico’s favourite day to party is drawing near. Join us at the Wicket Bar on Friday 3 May as we celebrate with tasty soft shell tacos, locally-inspired margaritas, Brasserie Purveyors’ craft beers, piñatas full of goodies, and festive music. Entry is free. Simply purchase food and beverage tickets at the Market or at the gate on the day.

Biological control using ladybugs

Posted by on 30th November 2017

Brasserie garden 11  Biological control using ladybugs

Did you know that the little ladybug could be one of the best friends you ever have in your garden?

Known for their love of aphids, a single ladybug is capable of consuming up to 50 to 60 aphids per day but will also eat a variety of other insects and larvae including scales, mealy bugs, leaf hoppers, mites, and various types of soft-bodied insects.

“I propagate ladybugs to control aphids and stop them eating the plants here in Cricket Square.”

The Brasserie’s head gardener who is also a qualified biologist, Aide Lopez, speaks animatedly about her recent visit to Mexico City to attend the National Congress of Biological Control.

Biological control is an environmentally sound and effective means of reducing or mitigating pests and pest effects through the use of natural enemies. It’s a sustainable and environmentally compatible pest management system, that avoids using pesticides.

“An example is the use of bamboo sticks to join one plant to the next like mini bridges, allowing ants to move from one leafy green to the next, foraging on nuisance insects.”

Some vegetables, herbs and flowers benefit each other by improving soil, while others deter pests from one another. Companion planting, another technique that Aide has implemented in the organic vegetable gardens, provides a fascinating blueprint for a higher garden yield.

“Eggplants and tomatoes are from the same family and therefore they will attract the same pests, creating an even bigger problem than if they were planted on their own. Some plants repel insect pests with their scent. Aroma can also be used to mask the scent of your main crop, effectively hiding them from predators.

“Corn and beans work well together. The beans break down the nitrogen, helping the corn to soak up this element in the soil.”

Beauveria bassiana is a fungus that grows naturally in soils throughout the world and also acts as a parasite on various arthropod species; therefore used as a biological insecticide to control a number of pests such as termites, thrips and whiteflies.

Next time you walk through Cricket Square or find yourself in The Brasserie’s greenhouse, look around, and see nature at work doing what it does best!



Earth Day is every day at The Brasserie

Posted by on 20th April 2017

DSC 7804 3 e1488420224616  Earth Day is every day at The Brasserie

Tomorrow we will officially celebrate Earth Day.

Earth Day is an annual event marked across the world to show support for environmental protection.

The aim is to encourage people to do things that will benefit the Earth, such as recycling more and reducing food waste, using solar power and planting trees.

The edible garden that surrounds The Brasserie is just one example of our consistent endeavors to reduce food miles and, as a result, the fuel consumption required to carry food ‘from paddock to plate’. Our head gardener, Aide, uses the vegetable waste from the kitchen to feed The Brasserie’s “Chateau Chooks”. The egg shells she adds to the compost (along with the remaining vegetable scraps) and on the garden beds to control snails, in addition our chicken manure that is a very effective fertilizer.

The next time you get lunch from The Market, take a closer look at the plates, utensils and takeaway cups – all made from plants and 100% recyclable.

Venturing into The Brasserie’s kitchen you will see excess herbs from the garden hung to dry, trimmings go into stocks, breadcrumbs made from bread not sold after service, vinegars made from excess tomatoes and coconut water used as a brining liquid. Coconut shells are used as fodder for the caboose fire and smoker and the ashes are added to the garden compost. Stems and excess fruit are fermented, preserved and pickled to add dimension to dishes. For example, fermented Barbados gooseberries are used in the Hoisin sauce served at the Harvest Dinner. In fact, the team are currently creating a “preserving pantry”.

To celebrate all the sustainable and environmentally-friendly initiatives happening around the world, today we are offering complimentary bags of soil and coffee grounds piled high in our lovely red wheelbarrow outside the front of The Market. We will also be selling Cayman mutton pepper seedlings for $1 each and free drip coffee to anyone that brings in their own coffee mug for the day.

Earth Day is every day at The Brasserie.