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THE PITCH: April in Cricket Square

Posted by on 1st April 2019

The Brasserie organic gardens are flourishing with fruits and vegetables as we welcome Spring and celebrate our final Harvest Dinner of the 2018/2019 season.

Earth Day blossoms in CSQ

THE BRASSERIE – Bring your reusable travel mug to the Market on Thursday 18 April and receive FREE drip coffee all day to celebrate Earth Day2019. While you’re there, grab a bag of coffee grounds or egg shells from our wheelbarrow to add to your garden soil. The coffee will release nitrogen, potassium and phosphorous to support plant growth, and the egg shells will provide calcium and potentially deter those hungry snails.

Harvest Dinner: 7pm, Friday 12 April

THE CABOOSE – Multiple James Beard Award winner, including Outstanding American Chef, and creator of award-winning Modern Israeli Cuisine restaurant and cookbook Zahav, Michael Solomonov, is bringing Israeli Soul to The Brasserie with cookbook to match! Enjoy juicy, grilled and roasted spice-rubbed meats, stuffed vegetables, a wealth of chopped salads and much more. Tickets are $90. Call 945-1815 or email us to book.

SWIRL: 5-7pm, Thursday 25 April

THE BRASSERIE — From floundering to flourishing, join us for this exclusive SWIRL event to discover how Israel’s boutique wineries are putting the country’s wine back on the map. The area that is now Israel was a major wine-producer in biblical times, long before the likes of Italy, but the industry vanished for a millennium. Fast-forward to today, and Israeli wine, spread over 350 wineries and five regions, is the toast of wine connoisseurs worldwide. Call 945 1815 or email to book for ‘Wines of Israel’. Tickets are $30.

Taste of Cayman: Saturday 6 April

CAMANA BAY – After winning last year’s ‘Best Food’ with our delicious Smoked Beef Brisket with Garden Green Papaya Slaw, The Brasserie is back to hold onto its title. Expect our popular cocktails and mouthwatering food as we celebrate Cayman traditions and a rich island culinary heritage. General admission tickets are $40. Join over 5,500 foodies and visit the Taste of Cayman website for more information.

Easter Bunny to visit Brasserie Market

THE MARKET – The Easter Bunny will be hopping by the Brasserie Market on Monday 15 April to drop off mouthwatering goodies for you to enjoy during the entire week in the lead up to Easter. Take time to enjoy the sweet things in life this Easter! Please note that the Brasserie Restaurant, Market, Caboose, Juiced @ The Wicket and Wicket Bar will be closed on Good Friday and Easter Monday. We will reopen on Tuesday 23 April.

Curbside pick-up at the Caboose

THE CABOOSE — Did you know that you can takeaway all items on our Caboose menu? If your fridge is empty and you’re in a hurry to get home after work, call 945-1816 to order ahead, then pull up curbside in our new pick-up designated areas and aCaboose team member will bring your order over to you. You don’t even need to get out of your vehicle! Open from 11am to 6pm weekdays, choose from our quality meats and vegetarian options.

Juiced @ The Wicket weekly $5 specials

WICKET BAR — Enjoy our $5 Juiced @ The Wicket special each week using the seasonal ingredients of Cayman in our nutritious, nourishing, energising and refreshing concoctions that will make you and your wallet feel good. Our specials don’t often feature on the regular Juiced @ menu, so make the most of this sweet opportunity. Call 927-6419 to order ahead.

Tenant activity in Cricket Square

CRICKET SQUARE — Development continues at Cricket Square with Paget-Brown Trust Company Ltd moving from Boundary Hall to Century Yard, providing more space for Maples Group who are expanding and renovating their office spaces. We would like to welcome Grant Thornton who have now moved into their new home at Century Yard. Should you have any questions, please contact Orchid Development on 947 7080.

Spring training starts now at The Club

THE CLUB — Grab a friend and take advantage of The Club‘s Spring partner training packages. Purchase four partner sessions for $150 per person or eight partner sessions for $280 per person. Get over the crazy March madness and be ready for Cayman Carnival season. Call 949-CLUB or email the team to sign up.

ENERGY welcomes Melissa to the team

ENERGY — Welcome Melissa, the newest member of theENERGY team! A Certified Stott Pilates Instructor with over 10 years experience. Find out more about ENERGY’S Pilates Start Up Package for $199 by chatting to the ENERGY crew when next in the studio. This package includes three private sessions and one group fitness class. You can also call 946 6006 or email.

Who’s ready to fiesta in Cricket Square?

WICKET BAR — Grab your sombrero, maracas, and even your taco outfit (if you’ve got one handy) as Mexico’s favourite day to party is drawing near. Join us at the Wicket Bar on Friday 3 May as we celebrate with tasty soft shell tacos, locally-inspired margaritas, Brasserie Purveyors’ craft beers, piñatas full of goodies, and festive music. Entry is free. Simply purchase food and beverage tickets at the Market or at the gate on the day.

THE PITCH: March in Cricket Square

Posted by on 1st March 2019

Experience a BBQ phenomenon creating headlines in Georgia, and join us at our annual farmers’ market to celebrate the 52nd Cayman Islands Agriculture Show.

Book Harvest Dinner now

THE CABOOSE — The wait is over! Skip the queues lining up for chef Keith Latture’s served-til-the-kitchen-runs-out of plates BBQ, and devour his popular Memphis-inspired and Savannah-made recipes here in Cricket Square on Friday 15 March. Enjoy a pre-dinner drink and canapés in The Brasserie garden at 7pm, before strolling over to the Caboose for a family feast with wine pairings. Tickets are $90. Call 945-1815 or email us to book.

Farmers’ Market: Tuesday 5 March

THE BRASSERIE – For all your local foodie needs, don’t miss our annual farmers’ market at the steps of The Brasserie Restaurant from 11:30am to 1:30pm in celebration of the Cayman IslandsAgriculture Show. Embracing our farm-to-table philosophy treat yourself to our homegrown produce and handmade goodies including Brasseries Bees wild and raw honey and wax candles and new honey lip balm, ‘Chateau Chooks’ eggs, Coco Bluff coconut water and jelly and a variety of plants – the perfect gifts. Juices from our Juiced @ The Wicket menu will also be available.

Cayman Islands Agriculture Show

LOWER VALLEY — Held on Wednesday 6 March at the Stacy Watler Pavilion and Grounds in Lower Valley, this is one of the most popular community events of the year and one we’re proud to be a part of! Come along to enjoy the incredible array of entertainment, displays, competitions and local foods. Clickhere for more information. If you can’t make it, join us at our annual Brasserie Farmers’ Market at the entrance to The Brasserie Restaurant in Cricket Square on Tuesday 5 March.

SWIRL: 5-7pm, Wednesday 27 March

THE BRASSERIE — Create your own ‘Gin on the Green’ at this month’s SWIRL event to welcome Spring. Choose from an array of our freshly-picked herbs and local fruits and spices to create your favourite gin cocktail, and then relax and enjoy under the shade of the Brasserie greenhouse. Tickets are $30 and include four drinks plus canapés. Receive a 10% discount on all gin purchases at the event. Email or call 945-1815 to book.

Curbside pick-up at the Caboose

THE CABOOSE — Did you know that you can takeaway all items on our Caboose menu? If your fridge is empty and you’re in a hurry to get home after work, call 945-1816 to order ahead, then pull up curbside in our new pick-up designated areas and aCaboose team member will bring your order over to you. You don’t even need to get out of your vehicle! Open from 11am to 6pm weekdays, choose from our quality meats and vegetarian options.

FREE juice at Juiced @ The Wicket

WICKET BAR — Buy 10 juices or smoothies from our menu and get one FREE. Collect your Juiced @ card at the Wicket Bar and reward yourself with a healthy and delicious treat from our extensive menu that incorporates the freshest seasonal produce on island. In a hurry? Call 927-6419 and order ahead.

Congratulations to new SIX tenants

CRICKET SQUARE — Congratulations to KPMG and Conyers who have moved into SIX. This is an exciting time for Cricket Squarewith Phase 6 near completion. Remaining work includes refurbishment and renovation of Boundary Hall and Century Yard and the construction of more parking. We will be reinstating the gates at Shedden Road in the coming weeks, which will assist with managing traffic through Cricket Square. For further details contact Orchid Development on 947 7080.

Popular Synrgy360 Workshop at The Club

THE CLUB — If you missed out on the fun last time, our next 5-week Synrgy360 Workshop starts on 12 March 2019 at The Club. Join us from 5:30pm – 6:15pm, Tuesday and Thursdays, to learn how to get the most out of this state-of-the-art fitness equipment that will change the way you workout forever. The workshop costs $185 per person. Call 949-CLUB or email to find out more.

Spring into ENERGY with new class pass

ENERGY — Introducing ENERGY‘s 8-week Spring Special. For just $299 per person, enjoy an unlimited Total Class Pass of exclusive studio access, classes, wellness gifts and more. Starting from Monday 11 March, make the most of Group Pilates, Barre, Yoga, TRX, Core Cardio Circuit, ENERGY X-Training and Lunch Express Classes. Book now! Call 946-6006 or email.

Cayman Swordfish Challenge 2019

GRAND CAYMAN & CAYMAN BRAC — One of the most exciting fishing tournaments on the Cayman calendar, the Challengebegan with the aim of finding out more about the swordfish population in the local waters. Join us for two days of fishing, Friday 15 March & Saturday 16 March and be in the running to win up to CI$20,000 in cash prizes! Registration is at 6:30pm on Thursday 14 March at The Barcadere (Weigh/Dock Station). If you can’t make it, email us and we’ll send you a registration form.

Taste of Cayman: Saturday 6 April 2019

CAMANA BAY – After winning last year’s ‘Best Food’ with our delicious Smoked Beef Brisket with Garden Green Papaya Slaw, The Brasserie is back to hold onto its title. Expect our popular cocktails and mouthwatering food as we celebrate Cayman traditions and a rich island culinary heritage. General admission tickets are $40. Join over 5,500 foodies and visit the Taste of Cayman website for more information.


Posted by on 21st January 2019

milk  SUPERFOOD SERIES: Goat milk

Although goats only produce about 2% of the global milk supply, it is cheaper to process because it doesn’t require homogenisation (the small fat molecules do not separate and remain suspended in the cream).

The health benefits of goat milk include its ability to aid in weight loss, reduce inflammation, optimise digestion, improve the bioavailability of nutrients, strengthen bones, boost heart health, strengthen immunity, increase metabolism, prevent toxins from accumulating in the body, and benefit overall health.

As we age, the chemical composition and impact of goat milk on the body is actually preferable to the effects of cow milk. For example, people who suffer from lactose intolerance, digest goat milk far better than cow milk due to its higher levels of beneficial fatty acids (twice that of cow milk).

Milk of all varieties is rich in calcium, and goat milk is no exception.

One reason why people tend to love goat milk is that they are able to enjoy it without the inflammation and upset stomach that cow milk often causes. This is due to the unique enzymatic makeup of goat milk that soothes inflammation in the gut.

One of the main benefits of goat milk is that the chemical composition is far closer to human milk than other milks. Human milk is similar to goat milk, so our bodies are able to get more nutrients out of the milk as it moves through our system and causes less stress on our digestive processes.

Goat milk is nutrient-dense, which means that you don’t need as much of it as other milks to receive the same (or better) nutrient intake. Studies have shown that goat milk can help increase the uptake of iron and copper in our digestive tract, which is essential for people who struggle with anemia and other deficiencies.

There are significant amounts of selenium in goat milk. This rare mineral is a key component in the immune system functionality, protecting us from illness and fending off infections.

Goat milk is a very rich source of protein, which is an essential part of growth and development, as proteins are the building blocks of cells, tissues, muscles, and bones.



Posted by on 21st January 2019

Jicama (also called yambean) is a type of bulbous root vegetable that many people describe as being a cross between an apple and a turnip.

Jicama is composed of about 86 percent to 90 percent water, so it’s naturally low in calories, natural sugars and starch — and, therefore, it has a low score on the glycemic index and fits most diets, including the vegan, Paleo and the ketogenic diet plan. It’s also a good source of immune system-boosting nutrients such as vitamin C, magnesium, potassium and fibre.

Jicama’s fibre contains a beneficial type of prebiotic fructan carbohydrate called oligofructose inulin. Because it’s indigestible within the human digestive tract and ferments in the gut, inulin is considered to have zero calories, yet it benefits the digestive organs and, therefore, your entire body (including the immune system) in a few different ways. Inulin acts like a prebiotic once it reaches the intestines, which means it helps probiotics (or “good bacteria” living within the GI tract) do their job best.

As a source of valuable prebiotics, jicama’s unique fibre molecules help balance the growth of good-to-bad microbes residing within the intestines and colon. A very large percentage of the immune system — over 75 percent — is actually stored with your GI tract, so proper immune functioning depends a lot on a delicate balance between the bacteria populating your microbiota.

Like many vegetables, jicama has a high water and nutrient density, and is otherwise largely made of different types of carbohydrate molecules. Oligofructose inulin, which makes up a good percentage of the fibre found in jicama, is linked to improved cardiovascular health and the ability to lower cholesterol naturally.

Water and fibre-rich vegetables are recommended for anyone battling digestive issues because they’re hydrating and provide fibre, essential electrolytes and nutrients that support intestinal and gut health.

Aside from its prebiotic properties, jicama is also an excellent source of antioxidants, including vitamin C. Just one cup of raw jicama provides over 40 percent of your daily vitamin C needs. Vitamin C is a crucial antioxidant that scavenges free radical damage and controls inflammation. Eating plenty of vitamin C foods helps control inflammation, which is important for keeping oxidative stress levels lower and protecting against cancer, autoimmune diseases, cardiovascular disease and cognitive decline.

Called a “Mexican turnip” or yambean in some parts of the world, jicama’s oligofructose inulin helps keep bones strong because it enhances mineral retention, suppresses the turnover rate of bone loss and helps with the absorption of calcium into bones. It also supplies important nutrients like potassium, magnesium and manganese that are needed for proper bone mineralisation and protecting against bone loss or osteoporosis into older age.


Posted by on 7th January 2019

arugula  SUPERFOOD SERIES: Arugula

What are the health benefits of arugula? This vegetable is an immune-boosting vegetable that packs a nutritional punch, especially considering its tiny number of calories. Like other leafy greens, arugula salad is one of the most nutrient-dense foods you can eat, especially when you add other vegetables to the mix.

When it comes to your health, as a high-antioxidant food arugula can help improve almost every system in the body. For example, studies have tied compounds found in it to improved heart health and lowered inflammation, thanks to its phytonutrients that reduce oxidative stress.

Arugula, which is called rocket or roquette in Europe and Australia, provides generous portions of vital nutrients — such as vitamin K, vitamin A and folate. In addition, it is a good source of eye-healthy beta-carotene in the form of carotenoids called lutein and zeaxanthin.

Eating a healthy diet filled with cruciferous/brassica vegetables, sometimes called “carcinogen killers,” is a key dietary recommendation for cancer prevention, according to the National Cancer Institute. The arugula plant, like many other vegetables in the cruciferous family, contains glucosinolates. These are key phytonutrients believed to act against cancer cells. When you chew this leafy green, these compounds mix with a digestive enzyme called myrosinase that turns them into other cancer-fighting nutrients known as isothiocyanates. Isothiocyanates have been shown to have anti-carcinogenic, anti-inflammatory and anti-proliferative activities. This makes arugula a great addition to a healing diet since it may help prevent against age-related diseases. Arugula contains large quantities of specific sulfur-containing isothiocyanates, like sulforaphane and erucin, the same phytonutrients found in veggies like kohlrabi and Chinese cabbage. These are what give most cruciferous vegetables their signature sulfur smell. They are also believed to be responsible for their cancer-fighting activity. Many studies find a strong relationship between higher consumption of raw vegetables containing these special compounds and a lowered risk for cancer.

Arugula may help prevent macular degeneration because it’s high in carotenoids like beta-carotene, leutin and zeaxanthin. These are known to protect the retina, cornea and other delicate parts of the eyes from UV damage and other effects.

Arugula is capable of improving the health of blood vessels by acting as an anti-inflammatory food that lowers levels of cholesterol and homocysteine. This is one reason why cruciferous vegetable intake is known to lower the risk for heart disease and overall mortality. A diet high in low-calorie, high-nutrient vegetables is also linked with better blood pressure, improved circulation, and a lower risk for having a heart attack or stroke. Vegetables provide not only important inflammation-lowering antioxidants, but also crucial nutrients like potassium and magnesium that help control heart rhythms and dietary fiber. This removes cholesterol and toxins from the body.

One cup of arugula provides about over a quarter of the recommended daily value of vitamin K. This makes it a great food for prevention of vitamin K deficiency. Vitamin K is essential for bone health and also for helping with blood clot formation.

Like other leafy greens, arugula is an alkaline food that helps restore the body’s optimal pH level. An optimal pH level is crucial for digestive health in addition to a supporting a strong immune system. Additionally, arugula is a hydrating food that helps nourish the digestive tract. Regularly eating leafy greens is one way to help prevent constipation and improve the health of the gut lining, colon, intestines and other digestive organs.

With so many health benefits stemming from the one leafy green, it’s hard to imagine a diet without arugula!