Thursday 25th April 2019

SWIRL: Wines of Israel


From floundering to flourishing, join us for this exclusive SWIRL event to discover how Israel's boutique wineries are putting the country's wine back on the map. The area that is now Israel was a major wine-producer in biblical times, long before the likes of Italy, but the industry vanished for a millennium. Fast-forward to today, and Israeli wine, spread over 350 wineries and five regions, is the toast of wine connoisseurs worldwide. Call 945 1815 or email to book for 'Wines of Israel'. Tickets are $30.

Weekly Event

Cayman Style Soft Tacos & Margarita Night!

Thursdays 5pm-10pm

Enjoy the Brasserie's unique Cayman Style Soft Taco menu and the best margaritas on the island!

Call 345 945 1815 to make a reservation or Book on OpenTable

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