Michiel Bush

General Manager

His favourite foods include turtle meat, fish run down, and cassava cake. Meet Michiel Bush.

From busing tables at a Mexican restaurant in Grand Cayman at the age of 12, to building a local food business with his wife, Michiel has a wealth of experience in the hospitality industry.

“My inspiration comes from my parents who both worked in hospitality. My mother worked and managed restaurants and my father was a professional sports fisherman. My love of food came from the many different experiences my mother introduced me to when I was younger. She never wanted me to limit myself, but rather broaden my senses.”

 A two-year hospitality course after finishing high school, led to a scholarship opportunity at the Raddison Resort Grand Cayman in its Management Training Program. Michiel worked with the hotel’s culinary and management teams that transformed the Raddison into the Marriott, working closely with the owners.

Michiel expanded front of house experience, taking on several positions as server, bartender and host over a 10-year period at Calypso Grill in West Bay.

It was love at first sight when Michiel met his wife Britta while working at Morgan’s Seafood Restaurant. After assisting Mise en Place to open The Bistro, Michel and Britta expanded local meal delivery and handcrafted kombucha business Saucha to launch the Conscious Café in 2018.

“The Brasserie’s concept of farm-to-table is exciting to me. I love the way they have executed this idea and introduced it to the local market. I am a strong advocate. Food is not just something we eat because we’re hungry, but something we appreciate because we know all the benefits it provides us. It’s important to eat at establishments that are aware of this, and now I’m here.”

A man of many talents, Michiel is also a professional photographer, and like Cayman’s Coat of Arms states “He Hath Founded It Upon The Seas”, Michiel enjoys kite surfing and spending time on the great blue sea.