Andrés Rivera

Caboose Lead Cook

Caboose lead cook, Andrés Rivera, brings a touch of his rich Mexican heritage to the heart of The Caboose, our gourmet smokehouse, located in the heart of Cricket Square. Here you’ll find juicy smoked brisket, pork ribs, pulled pork, turkey and smoked local chicken. All the meats served here are naturally raised without hormones or pesticides and the organic vegetables are harvested from the Brasserie Garden next door, with the glazes and sauces made with honey from the Brasserie Bees.  

The star of Andrés’ repertoire is undoubtedly the brisket, a dish that embodies his dedication to perfection. The slow-cooking process, the distinct flavours, and melt-in-the-mouth tenderness make it a standout on the Caboose menu and his personal favourite. He particularly enjoys encouraging regular guests to try new dishes and preparations and has been integral in the evolution of the Caboose menu, working closely with Chef de Cuisine, Artemio Lopez and Executive Chef, Dean Max, to introduce new dimensions to the menu including a selection of lighter side dishes that complement the rich, smoky goodness The Caboose is known and loved for. 

Beyond the smoke and fire of the Caboose kitchen, Andrés enjoys solving riddles and puzzles and he’s a gifted storyteller. He writes a daily journal and adventure fiction in his down time. He is master of smoke, a storyteller, and the heart behind the flavours of The Caboose.