Elizabeth Rollorata

Market F&B server  

Elizabeth’s smile is as warm as the exquisite Barrington coffee she serves to guests at the Brasserie Market every day.  From the Philippines, her passion for hospitality was inspired by her father, a chef, and though she considered becoming an electrician, she pursued her Bachelor’s degree in hotel management and began a career in hospitality. Elizabeth brings a unique blend of passion, dedication, and creativity to the ritual of The Brasserie Market’s daily brew, creating a memorable experience for every guest who walks through the door.  

She takes enormous pride in knowing regular guests’ preferences and preparing their orders with precision and care. For Elizabeth it’s not just about serving coffee, it’s about creating connections and spreading positivity one artisanal small batch at a time.  

Elizabeth is also responsible for training other team members, teaching the complexities of making coffee and maintaining the machines, from the perfect texturizing of milk (the end product swirling in the pitcher should resemble a fresh can of white paint, thick, glossy and bubble free) to maintaining the intricate La Marzocco machines. These are cleaned every hour, on the hour. Oils from the beans adhere to the surfaces and those oils will go rancid if left, making the coffee taste old and earthy, no matter the quality of the beans.   

While Elizabeth’s career path took her into the realm of hospitality, her love for fixing things and a passion for DIY crafts holds a special place in her heart; her hands on spirit and knack for problem solving are essential tools for managing the daily hustle and bustle of the Market.  

And her favourite drink? A steaming cup of single origin brew, with a dash of almond milk.