Francisco Sanchez (Paco)

Senior Sous Chef

Francisco Sanchez, known to all as Paco, is the Brasserie’s Senior Sous Chef. His love affair with food began humbly as a dishwasher in a bustling commercial kitchen in Estada Mexico. He discovered his passion, soaking up every detail of the kitchen, from the combinations of flavours and preparation to the final presentation of dishes by the chefs. The sous chef in this kitchen became his mentor, teaching him essential culinary skills and the meticulous dance of the sous chef. 

Fast forward to today and a typical day for Paco kicks off at 9am. As the senior Sous Chef, he orchestrates the kitchen operations, planning menus with Chef de Cuisine Artemio Lopez, managing the kitchen inventory and ensuring the Brasserie Restaurant kitchen runs smoothly for the busy lunch and dinner services and many special events. He oversees the team’s kitchen preparation, the presentation of each dish and the seamless service between front of house and the culinary team.  

What truly makes Paco’s heart sing is witnessing the joy on customers’ faces as they eat, seeing the dish become an experience and creating memories that linger beyond the last bite.  

His favourite dish on the Brasserie menu is The Poke Bowl, because of the harmonious blend of flavours of local catch from our fishing boats and seasonal produce from the Brasserie Garden.  He also highly recommends the Brasserie’s Grilled Cheese. It’s a much-loved classic, served with seasonal jam and is an absolute must try, promising a symphony of flavour with every bite.  

Beyond the Brasserie kitchen, Paco’s favourite pastime is cooking for his friends, sharing delicious meals, and creating lasting memories around a shared table.