Julius Tiempo

Coco Bluff Farmer

Julius grew up on the island of Mindanao, in the heart of Philippine coconut country.

He started harvesting coconuts at the age of 12, in between attending school and helping to make his family’s traditional coconut recipe, bukayo – a Filipino dessert made from sweetened coconut strips simmered with brown sugar and melted down into a chewy caramel-like consistency.

A love of coconuts has been passed down from generation to generation, and today, Julius still agrees that his favourite part of the fruit is the natural coconut water.

His family also produces mangosteen, banana, lansones, mango and acacia wood on the farm, but he says it’s the coconuts that are the most rewarding to grow.

Julius looks after the 205 palms at the ‘Coco Bluff’ plantation. He is the man who harvests our coconuts and brings you fresh coconut water and jelly daily to the Market, Caboose and Juiced.