Andy McKenzie

Coco Bluff Farmer

Andy grew up harvesting and selling coconuts before school in Jamaica.

He now shares his passion for the coconut industry in the Cayman Islands, by attending to the 205 palms at the ‘Coco Bluff’ plantation.

It takes approximately one hour for the coconut water and jelly that he and his team harvest, to reach the Grab ‘n’ Go shelves at the Market, Caboose and Juiced at the Wicket Bar.

All the leftover husk is used as mulch around the base of the palms: “The roosters and chickens love to scratch around in the recycled organic material looking for insects, which certainly adds to my workload,” says Andy.

“I enjoy the peace and quiet of working outside at ‘Coco Bluff’, listening to wind rustling the leaves and the birds singing away above.”