Sole Nizzero

Pastry Sous Chef

Sole’s an early riser; as The Brasserie’s Pastry Sous Chef, her days in the Bakehouse start before first light. She enjoys the quiet early mornings and methodical start to each day, preparing the delicate pastries and hearty breads for the Market breakfast rush and lunch service. Her passion for pastry began back in Argentina in her grandmother’s cozy kitchen, where Sunday lunches were a cherished celebration of family and homemade dishes. Her love for travel and new cultures led her to Miami where she worked alongside The Brasserie’s Executive Chef Dean Max at 3030 OceanFront; Dean convinced her to join The Brasserie team in 2014.

Sole’s desserts are a highlight of The Brasserie menu. She enjoys working with fresh local seasonal fruits and flavours, creating new dishes from the Brasserie’s Kitchen Garden and Coco Bluff Coconut Plantation. Her personal favourite? Our velvety sweet pumpkin-infused custard-based dessert that celebrates the finest produce our Garden has to offer. Being from Argentina, Sole is a master at Dulce de Leche, which she adds to seasonal flan and ice cream.