Blog | September 30, 2022

A five-course offering to honour ‘los muertos’

By Alan Markoff

There should be a time each year when people remember and celebrate the lives of their beloved friends and family members who have passed away, no matter how long ago that may have been. For centuries now, people in Mexico have honoured the deceased with an event that has become known as “El Día de los Muertos.” In more recent decades, “The Day of the Dead” has gained a large following throughout Latin America and the Caribbean, and with the Mexican diaspora in the United States.

Rather than a mournful and solemn remembrance by people dressed in black, The Day of the Dead is a happy and colourful celebration of the dearly departed, and no such observance would be complete without food. With that in mind, The Brasserie will host its first ever “Day of the Dead” event on 21 October to launch the 2022-23 harvest dinner series. The event will feature a welcome cocktail and canapés followed by a five-course dinner paired with wines.

Chef Chris Fernandez

Who better to prepare a Day of the Dead-themed dinner than two chefs from Oaxaca, arguably the gastronomic capital of Mexico and home to some of the most magical and unique Día de Muertos holiday traditions. For this special event, guest chef Chris Fernandez will join Brasserie chef de cuisine Artemio Lopez to deliver an unforgettable menu of Mexican specialities.

Chef Chris worked in some of the best restaurants in Oaxaca before taking his talents to the United States, where he now holds the position of corporate executive chef and business partner at the popular Red Mesa Restaurant in St. Petersburg, Florida. Chris says he is really looking forward to the Brasserie event.

“The Day of the Dead brings back lots of memories growing up,” he says. “What I really enjoyed about that day was that all the family would gather and participate for at least a week beforehand by prepping, cooking, decorating the Altar de Muertos – the altar for the dead – and sharing great memories. I’m looking forward to sharing some of the traditional Day of the Dead dishes from my family with the guests at the upcoming event.”

The Brasserie has long been known for its farm-to-table dining that focuses on locally produced and sourced ingredients. The restaurant has its own chef’s garden on site and an egg farm close by. The Brasserie also has its own bee colony to produce honey and its own fishing boat to ensure the freshest and best quality fish.

The Brasserie Head Chef Artemio Lopez and Head Gardener Aide Lopez

Consultant Chef Dean Max says the Brasserie’s full-fledged commitment to the farm-to-table vision is what sets it apart from other restaurants on Grand Cayman.

“When you dine at the Brasserie, you’re enjoying vegetables that were picked just hours before, fish that was caught that same morning and eggs that came from the hens the day before,” he says. “We sell freshness that you can’t find at any other restaurant on the island. It might not be seen by our guests, but they can taste the difference … and we serve the freshness daily in our restaurant.”

The Day of the Dead celebration starts at 6 p.m. on 21 October. Tickets are CI $175. For more information or to make reservations, call 945 1815 or email