Blog | August 4, 2014

August in Cricket Square

Satisfy your taste buds with some Market specialties this August.

With The Brasserie closed for the month, don’t forget that The Market is still open as usual; ready to serve you from a full menu of hot and cold comforts. Whether you’re craving a smoothie or need to pick up all the proper necessities for a beach picnic, we’re here to keep your hunger in check. Need to order pastries for a party or premade sandwiches for a luncheon? Just give us a call on 945-1814 and we’ll have it ready!

Join Us!

This autumn will mark the very special launch of Brasserie Purveyors’ “Wine Together” as well as “The Best Craft Beers of the Month.” Participation will include an assortment of rare wines tailored to your individual palate, boutique beers never before seen on-island, tastings, special gifts, discounts, and a whole lot more.  Stay tuned by adding yourself to our Brasserie Purveyors’ Membership List.


The Wicket

Get ready for a brand new buzz at The Wicket this coming season with longer opening hours, a revamped menu and a little something special parked outside… Watch this space.

In the meantime, visit The Wicket any Friday for happy hour, or prebook The Wicket for your private event, reception or get-together.

ENERGY is expanding!

Excitement is in the air at ENERGY… and a bit of dust too! The studio is expanding with an extra 1,000 square feet of space over the next few weeks but will reopen in mid-August with new and exciting classes as well as amazing new instructors/trainers with an innovative and inspiring fitness program – but still with the individualized and customized service that our clients know and love.

Stay up to date with all the details on ENERGY Essential Fitness’s Facebook page.

Summertime Beverages – delivered straight to your door!

Beat the heat by ordering some cool summertime beverages from Brasserie Purveyors. There’s nothing quite like a chilled glass of River’s Edge dry rosé or a pint of Victory’s Summer Love Ale to quench your August thirst. If you’re feeling more creative, purchase any one of our Watershed spirits to concoct some delicious cocktails of your own. Check out our retail menu for a full list of items available to purchase.  Send us an email with your order, and we’ll take care of the rest.


Chefs’ Jam

Watching great chefs’ at work is a lot like watching an orchestra tune its instruments. What at first glance may seem erratic is in fact the most elegantly functioning machine. A stroke of vibrant sauce against a white plate, flecks of garden herbs, the shiny curve of freshly prepared gelato as it begins to melt – complete anticipatory indulgence culminating in the hope for a great meal.  And Chefs’ Jam was just that, an absolutely great meal.

By sunset, the restaurant was nearly full. Passed canapés like buttery shrimp & grits and delicately spiced land crab cakes were thoughtfully complimented by Lexi’s refreshing carambola cocktail. Unfazed by the sudden downpour outside, guests mingled and chatted, sipping from their star-topped glasses, before being guided to their tables.

Once seated, the 1st course was served. What Gilbert Cavallaro of the Cracked Conch presented was the most beautiful plate of edible art. Amongst the stunning array of carefully placed micro greens, jellies, toast and vinaigrette were the unassuming centerpieces – perfectly marinated Cayman sprats. Traditionally caught with handmade nets, sprats are a long-lasting culinary trademark of the Cayman Islands. Though as time has passed, they are seen less and less on menus having become more commonly used as bait. Prepared with great care, it was a treat to taste this tiny part of our island’s heritage, especially with a chilled glass of Domaine Schlumberger Riseling.

Following the salad, a certain sweetness filled the air. Moments later, Mike Fischetti’s Root Beer Braised Niman Ranch Pork Belly, herb seared mushrooms, and vanilla foam appeared. The pork was unbelievably tender, and paired deliciously with the River’s Edge Pinot Gris. Once the last piece of salty-sweet crackling was devoured, plates were cleared and servers appeared with the 3rd course.

As always, Chef Joe had taken meticulous care with the ‘Brasserie Catch’ seared red snapper. The fish was delicate and moist, its flavor highlighted by the unctuous salt fish & ackee brandade that he had spent days refining. It was as smooth as silk and could have been served on its own had he wished.  The golden croquettes on the side were nothing short of heavenly and live on in each of our memory banks I’m sure. Paired with Masi Campofiorin Rosso del Veronese, the entire course was Brasserie magic.

Had it been a different dish, there may not have been room, but Dylan Benoit’s smoked beef shortrib, alongside a generous glass of Emilio Moro Tempranillo, was the type of food you make room for. Presented in a rustic skillet that carried the deep flavor of the soft meat, jus-bathed brussel sprouts, veg, and pillowy potatoes, the dish was truly decadent comfort food.

The last course of the night was highly anticipated. Each day, Stefano Franceschi churns the most fabulous gelato out of his corner shop. Chefs’ Jam was his opportunity to show true creative flare in the design of his dessert. His panna cotta with aged balsamic did not disappoint. Strawberries and a hint of basil cut the cream just enough to refresh the palate.  As our sommelier poured the last of the effervescent Beni di Batasiolo Moscato d’Asti, diners dreamily scooped away the remaining custard with blissful smiles. It was the ideal dish to wish us each goodnight.

Cayman Sprats

So much of what we eat goes unnoticed. This meaning that mindless eating has become the norm as we forget, more and more, where our food comes from and what it is we are actually eating.

It was hesrtening to see local sprats on the menu at Chefs’ Jam last month as they are indeed one of the forgotten ingredients of a more modern Caribbean culture.  Although these days they are more commonly used as bait for catching bigger fish, their taste and texture is much like that of an anchovy, making them deliciously addictive and a wonderful centerpiece to that memorable 1st course salad.

Traditionally, Caymanians spent hours meticulously weaving together nets for catching sprats. These handmade webs were then cast to sea in order to reap the rewards of such hard work.  Afterwards, the fish were often marinated like sardines or fried in a traditional cooking style, much like the way they were prepared at Chefs’ Jam.

Following the mindful eating of the day’s catch, locals would collect their nets which had been left to dry in the gentle breeze of the water’s tree line, and start the process over.

In a sense, the dinner we shared at The Brasserie was a chance to partake in the full circle of traditional eating here in Cayman, a wonderful way to touch these somewhat forgotten roots that are now revitalized because of the chef who prepared them and the people who ate them.

Check out our very own Capt. Dorson at Betty Bradley Bay, throwing his cast net out to sea to catch some delicious local sprats.

Welcome – Christos Netis

Christos likes to introduce himself by mentioning he has the best job on the planet, (that being the tedious task of drinking wine for a living.) We’re happy to introduce him in a slightly different manner, as the newest member of The Brasserie team and our very dedicated, very passionate, in-house sommelier. Having worked as a sommelier since 2003, Christos has spent the last eleven years refining an inborn talent through the creation of award-winning wine lists, hosting tutorials, and bettering his knowledge through further education. To put it plainly, his love of wine is infectious.

We will be hosting a series of tastings and dinners this coming season through which guests will be invited to share in this love of great wine.