Blog | June 24, 2022

Make your own eco-friendly coconut bowls

By Louise FitzRoy

Production from the ‘Coco Bluff’ coconut plantation is on the rise. This not only means more coconut water and jelly for you to enjoy at all our food outlets in Cricket Square, but it also means more shells that can be handcrafted into gorgeous natural coconut bowls.

There is minimal waste at The Brasserie, with coconut shells being used to fuel the Caboose fire and as mulch in the surrounding gardens. Making food-safe bowls for soups and ceviche in the restaurant, and our smoothie bowls at Juiced, is another sustainable use that we are embarking on for this by-product.

All you need is a mature coconut and a few simple tools.

It’s best to choose ones that don’t have too much of the outer fibrous husk and have slightly flatter ends, to balance easier.

Place the coconut on a kitchen towel to stop it from rolling away, and use a hand saw (or machete) to cut the coconut in the middle so you get two even sides. 

Use a butter knife to slot between the coconut meat and shell. Work your way around the coconut, prying the meat away from the shell, and eventually, it will come loose. This meat is great for making shredded coconut or coconut flakes.

Use sandpaper to sand the entire surface of the shell halves, until smooth. This includes the ‘rim’ of the bowl.

When you remove the coconut meat, it can leave a hole at the bottom, so we seal this with our natural melted beeswax from the Brasserie Bees.

Brush linseed oil (or your lacquer of choice) on both the inside and the outside of the bowls. You will need to repeat this step 4-5 times, drying in between, to seal it and make the bowl completely food safe.

Wash the bowl in lukewarm soapy water only, and never place in the oven, microwave, or fridge. ‘Extreme’ temperatures can cause it to crack/damage. You can use the bowls with hot and cold foods.

We’re excited to serve you our Brasserie Catch ceviche in these 100 per cent natural and free of BPA coconut bowls next time you visit The Brasserie.