Blog | November 23, 2015

Cold Brew Coffee comes to Cayman

Our barista trainer extraordinaire Erin Hulbert was back on island last week to train our new baristas and refresh the skills of our team, making sure we’re always delivering the very best coffee for you – Pour after Pour, and now we have a new Cold Brew ice-coffee on the menu, perfect for our hot and humid Caribbean days! The Cold Brew is made in a specially designed Toddy, which steeps the coffee in cold water and layers of ground coffee, giving us a coffee concentrate after 12 hours of steeping. The concentrate is then diluted with one part concentrate to two parts water, resulting in an incredible Cold Brew Coffee! The Cold Brew is by far more flavorful than regular ice-coffee, because there isn’t any ice to dilute the coffee after pouring, and gives the coffee a smoother, richer, more chocolatier taste, with less acidity; which gives what we like to call perfection in a cup. It’s utterly delicious and well worth a try!

Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 3.51.14 PM

Pop over to the Market & experience The Perfect Pour for yourself! You’ll find the Cold Brew in our ‘Grab & Go’ cabinet. It’s delicious black, or try it with cream and sugar. Make sure you get your Pour before its sold out….or else it is a 12 hour wait for the next batch!