Blog | December 12, 2013

Cricket Square in December

Christmas Eve & New Year’s Eve

Christmas and New Year’s are nearly upon us. But it’s the build up that’s the best part. We still have a few tables left for Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve so be sure to get in touch to make a reservation. Take a look at our menus below.

Christmas Eve

New Year’s Eve

And if you haven’t had a chance to try Lexi’s Housemade ‘Chateau Chooks’ Eggnog yet, you’ll have to take the opportunity to order one up before 2014. It’s sheer holiday delight poured into a martini glass – a sure way to bring out the Christmas spirit!


Lobster is back in season…

… and it’s delicious.

We take lobster season very seriously here in Cayman. That’s why it’s so exciting to have this delectable crustacean back on the menu. The Caribbean’s spiny lobster is a true sign of the holidays. Sweet and buttery, it’s one of the most wonderful things our great sea has to offer and therefore one of the most wonderful things we enjoy offering you.


Welcome – McCormick Global Ingredients

We have new neighbors! We’re currently putting the finishing touches on McCormick Global Ingredients Limited’s offices in Willow House, and the space is looking great.

We look forward to welcoming them to the Cricket Square family in the new year.


Our own Garden of Eden

Have you taken a moment to explore “The Garden of Eden” adjacent to Willow House?

It was named by the incomparable Margaret Barwick who created this lovely green space full of tropical foliage and fruit trees as a sort of sanctuary within the community. With plenty of space to sit and sprawl out, it’s the perfect place to enjoy lunch, have a cup of tea, or just take a break and compose your zen.

Did someone say “om”?


Holiday Treats in The Market

Starting this week, Christine’s devastatingly good holiday treats will be back on sale in The Market. Christmas cupcakes, handmade candy, and soft, chocolatey cookies are the ideal gifts for, well, yourself or anyone else, any day in December.

Peruse Christine’s tempting cupcake menu here: Cupcake Flavors

They’re the ideal addition to an office party so let us know if you’d like to preorder.


Cayman Cookout

We’re looking forward to Cayman Cookout next month. It’s always such a wonderful event. Be sure to purchase your tickets in advance for our specialty luncheon with Chef Dean Max and chocolate connoisseur Jacque Torres.

The meal, on January 17th is one you won’t want to miss. Chef Dean will also be carrying out his always entertaining cooking demonstration on the beach at the Ritz Carlton on Saturday, January 18th. And on January 19th, we’ll be offering our “garden to bar” cocktails poolside. Both the beach and pool event tickets can be purchased through the Ritz.


Such a Drip

Cappuccinos are wonderful but sometimes there’s nothing quite like a simple mug of coffee to start your day. Every two weeks, we feature a different drip from Barrington’s finest roasts. Most recently we were pouring Monte Rosa from Costa Rica, containing light rosewater aromatics with flavors of milk chocolate and citrus. It might not be the best part of waking up, but it’s pretty close.


12 Days of Fitness

We’re already nearly halfway through ENERGY Essential Fitness’s 12 days of fitness. Each day comes with a unique form of guidance to keep us all on track during the holiday season. Recipes, fitness tips, and products for travel being just a few of the thoughtful “gifts” our next door neighbors are offering us.


Campbells’ scrumptious Christmas countdown

Check out Willow House’s appearance on Campbells’ delectable Christmas advent calendar. You don’t have to be a kid to enjoy a piece of milk chocolate each day until December 25th! The depiction even shows Santa’s visit to Cricket Square. Eleven tabs opened so not long now…



We were honored to be informed that chefs Eric Ripert, Cindy Hutson, Thomas Tennant and restaurateur Walter Fajette had recommended The Brasserie to be published in Find.Eat.Drink.’s Chefs’ Guide to Grand Cayman. Further to this, we are being represented in their new iPhone Travel App which is pretty nifty in itself.

Read the article here: Find.Eat.Drink.’s Chefs’ Guide to Grand Cayman Restaurants

Download the app here: Find.Eat.Drink.


Drive Safe, Celebrate Responsibly

The Cricket Square Family wishes everyone a happy and healthy holiday season, and an incredibly prosperous New Year.


The Brasserie, The Market, and The Wicket