Blog | February 4, 2014

January in Cricket Square

When Mr Chocolate met Mr Garden-to-Table

Thank you to everyone who joined us for our Cayman Cookout luncheon featuring “Mr. Chocolate” himself, Chef Jacques Torres. Together with Dean Max as well as our resident chefs, our kitchen full of talent created a standout tasting menu composed of multiple delicacies such as lobster tempura, ‘Brasserie Catch’ Black Snapper with Gungo Pea and Blackberry Farm Heirloom Civil War Bean stew, as well as a stellar local passion fruit panna cotta.  Chef Jacques’ Cayman Fruit Tart served alongside his incredible frozen hot chocolate were the stars of the show, and his petit fours were edible art perfected.

‘Island Style’ with Chef Dean Max at The Ritz

On the Saturday following the luncheon, Chef Dean made his way over to the Ritz for his ‘island style’ cooking demonstration. Cooking enthusiasts learned how to make traditional fish tea whilst sipping rum out of freshly shucked coconuts. Chef Joe then prepared beautiful yellow fin tuna for mouthwateringly tasty ceviche. It was truly a demonstration made in paradise.

Following a flurry of cooking on the beach, Lexi poured housemade ginger beers with rum to create a plethora of, rather fittingly considering the weather, dark and stormies.

Cayman Catboat

Have you noticed ours parked at Willow House? “Damn It” is a restored, traditional Cayman Catboat, one of only eight left on the island. Named after Clarence Flowers’ grandfather’s boat, the sleek-yet-humble vessel was built by Mr. Jefford Walton on Cayman Brac and restored by Mr. Kem Jackson of West Bay.

Our own Chef Dean has actually become quite the catboat sailor, which is an exceptional feat considering the level of difficulty involved in sailing these tricky crafts. Be sure to keep a look out for him flying The Brasserie’s blazing sail during practice runs by the Cayman Catboat Club.

Victory is ours!

… Beer that is.  Brasserie Purveyors is proud to welcome Victory Brewing Company to our growing list of craft beer providers. With the combination of a German brewing knowledge plus an unwavering love of quality beer production, Victory creates classic, but exciting flavor profiles. Quench your thirst with Victory at our tent during Taste of Cayman on February 8th.

Taste of Cayman

Be sure to stop by both of our tents at Taste of Cayman this year. We’ll be hosting a Brasserie’ Purveyors Tent as well as a Brasserie Restaurant Tent at this February’s highly anticipated event. Savor Chef Joe’s locally sourced seafood creation alongside a specially chosen brew from Victory, Brooklyn Beer or Monk in the Trunk.

Congratulations Lexi

We’re so proud of our very own mixologist, Lexi, for proving her ever-astonishing talent for garden-to-bar drinks by winning December’s Blackbeard’s Cocktail of the Month Competition. She brought home the win with her “Pink Palm Tree” made up of housemade hibiscus-lime syrup, fresh coconut water and Leblon Cachaca. Show your praise by visiting the restaurant and trying this award-winning cocktail for yourself.


Our neighbor’s, ENERGY Essential Fitness, have begun their New Year’s resolution with a race-start bang. The “Transformation Challenge” consists of a mixture of expert nutritional knowledge, exercise plans and fitness education, plus all-around support. Why not drop by the studio before popping into the Market for a heart-healthy salad?  It’s never too late to treat your body right.

Harvest Dinner

February 6th marks our next Harvest Dinner of the season. With the garden so full of life this time of year, it’s a wonderful opportunity to enjoy so much of what goes into each and every dish we plate for you. We’ll walk you through the courses, the wine and even the patio planters, all under the glow of Caribbean moonlight.


We’re so fortunate to be able to provide Cricket Square with all-around sustenance for the working week. We take great care in what we serve you because we are passionate about how what we offer makes each of our customer’s feel on a daily basis. Tea is one of the most commonly drunk and most commonly misunderstood satisfactions. We formed our relationship with Divinitea for that very reason. Linda Smith started her business with the same ethos as us at The Brasserie and The Market. She actually began by blending organic tealeaves with ingredients from her own garden to achieve the ideal consistency. Now by combining natural herbs and spices with fuller, hand-selected tealeaves, she creates each one-of-a-kind bag. She then ships them straight to us here in Cayman. Divinitea takes care of its leaves so we can in turn take care of you.

Miss Marvel’s Turtle Stew

Every Friday, in The Market, we’re blessed with Miss Marvel’s wonderfully warming turtle stew. Turtle Stew is actually the national dish of Cayman and Miss Marvel is renowned amongst locals for some of the best home cooking on island. The tradition of celebrating local cuisine is so important to us at The Brasserie and The Market. Sharing these touchstones of Cayman history with our guests brings a certain joy unrivaled. From Cayman-style sandwiches to old-world slow cooking techniques, food allows us to go beyond just good taste and bring you home to our version of the Caribbean table.

V is for Valentine

We’ve been working very hard to create a particularly seductive meal for our guests this year. Allow us to guide you through a culinary romance with our aphrodisiac tasting menu. With specially chosen ingredients and wine pairings, such delicacies will be sure to thrill much more than the palate. Join us for this exceptional dinner on Friday, February 14th, as the prelude to a wonderful weekend.