Blog | June 30, 2014

July in Cricket Square

4th of July at The Wicket

Join us in celebrating Independence Day with a ‘front yard’ Happy Hour BBQ at The Wicket. We’ll be serving an assortment of mouthwatering American fare all to be washed down with some cold craft brews and specialty garden-to-bar Watershed Cocktails. Take the opportunity to learn a little more about Watershed Distillery’s delicious spirits by taste-testing Lexi’s wonderful 4th of July creations. Contact for more details on this patriotic event.


A little bit more about Watershed…

Brasserie Purveyors’ most recent edition, Watershed Distillery, is dedicated to creating handcrafted, artisan-quality vodka, gins, and bourbon. Their traditional style of production allows for unique flavors specific to their region in Ohio. The 4th of July will serve as our official launch, allowing for guests to taste these one-of-kind spirits via an eclectic range of garden-to-bar cocktails. Interested in making your own cocktails at home? Bottles are also available for purchase. Please email Brasserie Purveyors for more information.

Chefs’ Jam 3

We have the exciting lineup to Chefs’ Jam 3 confirmed for Saturday, July 12th at The Brasserie. There’s nothing quite like 5 culinary talents combining their expertise to create such a varied, yet completely complimentary tasting menu. The Brasserie is so very pleased to present a dinner composed of the talents: Gilbert Cavallaro of Cracked Conch; Mike Fischetti of Ortanique; Joe Mizzoni, of The Brasserie; Dylan Benoit of Craft F&B Co; and Stefano Frenceschi of Gelato & Co. Wine pairings will also be provided courtesy of Sommelier, Christos Netis. This is an event that sells out quickly every year so be sure to contact us at or 945-1815 to purchase your tickets in advance.


Wine a Little!

We know how much our guests love to wine so throughout the month of July, on Mondays – Thursdays, we’ll be offering a half price wine list so you can indulge in sipping away your summer without breaking the bank. Be sure to ask our knowledgeable staff about the current wine selections and best food pairings. For more information on Brasserie Purveyors’ wines as well as purchasing wines to take home after your meal, please email our sommelier Christos at


World Cup Knockout Matches

Whether you are an avid supporter or not, this World Cup has been an edge-of-your-seat viewing experience full of controversial surprises, and there’s even more to come in the knockout stage which is now upon us. All matches airing Monday-Friday are shown at The Wicket, The Market Terrace and The Brasserie. For scheduled show times, please visit our Facebook page. Nothing goes better with sport than a savory snack and a cool drink so be sure to ask about our Brazilian-inspired cocktails and food specials if you’re out showing your support. Interested in booking your own viewing party for the finals? Email and we’ll get you all set up.

Closing Time

It’s that time of year again. The Brasserie will be shutting, as per usual, for the month of August. To celebrate the Bon Voyage, we’ll be hosting our annual Closing Party on Thursday, July 31st. With it being the final opportunity for our cherished guests to dine with us, the restaurant will be open for a regular dinner service but we will also be hosting an all-night happy hour and specialty drink selection for those wanting to toast to the summer’s break. For reservations, email or phone 945-1815. Don’t forget that although The Brasserie is shut for the month of August, The Market will still be open for all your edible needs.


River’s Edge Winery Supper

June 26th marked the inaugural Brasserie Purveyors’ Wine Tasting event, A River’s Edge Winery Supper. The 5-course tasting menu consisted of expertly crafted dishes like Yellowfin Tuna Crudo with a sizzling soy vinaigrette and slow roasted pork loin with summer corn, green asparagus, and local okra. Each dish was perfectly paired with a River’s Edge Vineyard wine. We were introduced to the collection of Purveyors’ wines with a subtle glass of tactfully chilled rose and moved on to tour the two vineyards, glass by glass, throughout the night. In particular, the very smooth and well-balanced Pinot Noir, Barrel Select from Black Oak Vineyard complimented the ‘Brasserie Catch’ seared red snapper’s delicate yet savory flavors.

Our sommelier, Christos Netis, intrigued diners with tales of not only the culture of wine, but surprising facts as well. Two of which were the lessons that red wine does indeed pair beautifully with seafood and should often be served at a cooler temperature than we are generally accustomed to (making it all the better for island drinking.) Guests were genuinely interested in the stories behind these great Oregon wines as well as their distinct tastes, which all set an informative yet intimate backdrop for a successful evening. Many became so besotted with the wines they tasted throughout the meal, they chose to purchase their own bottles to bring home. With Brasserie Purveyors’ ambition being to bring exclusive, unique and price competitive beverages to our table, and in turn, to yours, we are so very pleased our guests enjoyed the wines to such an extent as to bring them home with them. Stay tuned for the next Brasserie Purveyors’ event, through which we hope to continue to inspire, quench and inform you.