Blog | March 21, 2014

March Newsletter

We hope that everyone had a fantastic St. Patrick’s Day. We are firm believers in the fact that most holidays are an excuse to indulge in wonderful food and drink.

As per usual, Christine had an assortment of utterly delicious baked goods for sale in The Market.

We’re positive the luck of the Irish was in each and every batch of perfectly prepared (and devoured) Bailey’s chocolate cupcakes… and coffee cakes…. and truffles…

Perfecting Coffee

Professional Barista, Erin Hulbert, is back on island to retest our staff on their ever-improving prep skills. There’s a lot that goes into a solitary cup of coffee here at The Brasserie. Exacting temperature reading, a fine touch when grinding as well as a meticulously gentle pour are performed with great care by each member of our team.

It is a partnered result achieved by both our highly skilled trainees and the devices themselves that creates that perfect morning sip, and in many opinions, that perfect morning smell. Of course it helps to begin with a superior product and we believe Barrington beans to be just that – fresh, whole, and practically coddled to the point at which they reach our grinder, to be transformed into those rich yet delicate flecks.

It’s what a grinder does that makes all the difference to your cup of coffee and that’s because a good grinder will cut the beans down to the precise particle sizes necessary for ideal extraction, (a fancy way of saying it’s what makes it taste so good.) A bad grinder will annihilate your beautiful beans whereas a grinder that is doing its job well will fragment with utter care.

We’ve invested in what goes into your cup at The Market and grind your beans with what we feel to be the best technology available. La Marzocco machines are of superior intelligence and design, and have been for a while. A Florentine business founded by the Bambi brothers back in 1927, they were inventors ahead of their time.

It’s about the beans, the water, and the expert care, yes, but the not-so-silent partner being the machine is what we should also remember to be making a fuss about.

Brasserie Cooking Classes

Our cooking classes have been a huge success this year, with kitchen space full to the outskirts with enthusiastic spectators. Chef Dean and Chef Joe’s complimentary personalities make for a great show. If you haven’t had the change to learn the tricks of these masters’ trade, please get in touch so we can fit you into one of the last two classes available.

Last of the Harvest Dinners

As the temperature rises and the planter boxes become less crowded, we know an inevitable seasonal change is coming. With it, we’re down to our last couple Harvest Dinners, and would love to share these final farmer’s crops with you. Dusk still has its certain comfort for the next couple months and there’s nothing quite like enjoying fresh food al fresco in the garden.