Blog | February 3, 2017

Proud as punch with Harvest

A delicious, refreshing cocktail made with local passionfruit, lemon and mint is handed to you as you wander around a garden oasis bursting with colorful swiss chard, ripening gooseberries, scotch bonnet, arugula and flourishing bouquets of herbs.

Welcome to The Brasserie’s fourth Harvest Dinner of the 2016-2017 season.

Born from a desire to both pioneer and cultivate the farm-to-table movement here in Cayman, Chef Dean and the team aim to entertain, educate and inspire others to grow their own food and eat seasonally. You can even take a peek inside one of our beehives!

In The Brasserie’s shade house alone there are 18 different vegetables, six fruit varieties and over 25 herbs growing in the raised garden beds, most of which, fulfilled the mouthwatering Harvest menu last night. Did you know that we go through approximately 1000 pounds of local tomatoes every harvest season?

From goat cheese truffles rolled in bee pollen and drizzled with our very own Brasserie honey, to ‘Chateau Chooks’ fried eggs with goat mergeuz, garden ackee and crispy curry leaves, there was no mistaking the vibrant local flavors.

Traditional methods of cooking remain at the heart of The Brasserie and the caboose, a traditional structure similar to a barbeque grill but constructed from local hardwoods with a base of sand to protect the bottom from burning, is one of them. Rounding out the vegetable dishes, the caboose roasted local eggplant was an ultimate crowd pleaser.

Want to be part of this fabulous and unique event? There are only two remaining for the season so click here to book now.

No matter the ongoing nature of agricultural development, or change in the trends of food, our love of the perennial plate is a constant and we hope to continue sharing that love with you.