Blog | March 3, 2017

Renowned landscape designer Margaret Barwick returns for Harvest

How many ways can you eat gooseberries? Have you ever tasted gungo pea miso? What about scotch bonnet infused tequila or local black sapote ice cream?

This was just a taste of the unique and flavorsome menu at our second last Harvest Dinner for the series enjoyed by many last night including Margaret Barwick, renowned author, landscape designer and gardener, who designed the very garden space that these educational, entertaining and inspiration events take place. Now residing in France, it was a special treat to welcome Margaret back to The Brasserie.

While much of the produce stems from our own garden, local ingredients were also chosen from the bountiful harvest at this year’s 50th annual Agricultural Show held on Wednesday.

Bright colorful mountains of green papaya salad, Cayman tomato, garden cucumber and green beans topped with crispy local breadfruit, peanuts and herbs were served, followed by Farmer Adrian’s delicious chicken and miso-marinated ‘Brasserie Catch’ swordfish grilled in traditional style on the caboose

Have you ever made your own kimchi? Using garden bitter melon and local cucumber, as well as daikon radish and green papaya, the Brasserie team matched their housemade recipes brilliantly alongside garden turmeric roasted carrots and soy braised local turnips.

There is only one remaining Harvest Dinner for this series! Book now for the event being held on Thursday 27 April. CI$90 (incl. grats). Don’t miss your chance to be part of this unforgettable farm-to-table experience!