Superfood Series | October 8, 2019


We have an exciting new Juiced menu item coming your way and one of its core ingredients starts with ‘T’! Tahini — aka sesame seed paste — is an unexpected superfood, but one for good reason indeed. Tahini contains vitamin B6, manganese, phosphorous, calcium, zinc, magnesium, iron and copper. Healthy fatty acids (omega-3 + omega-6) aid in brain health, emotional health and cognitive brain function.

Tahini contains antioxidants called lignans, which help prevent free radical damage in your body and may reduce your risk of disease. Tahini and sesame seeds may have antibacterial properties due to the powerful antioxidants they contain. In fact, in some Central European and Middle Eastern countries, sesame oil is used as a home remedy for foot wounds associated with diabetes. Some compounds in tahini are highly anti-inflammatory. Although short-term inflammation is a healthy and normal response to injury, chronic inflammation can damage your health. Mix up some tahini with avocado, salt and sesame seeds for a satisfying mid-afternoon power snack.