Blog | March 2, 2017

Welcome to The Brasserie Farmers’ Market

Fresh honeycomb and pink lemonade tastings welcome you as the sweet scent of our handmade bees wax candles waft across the main entrance to The Brasserie and Market.

Red wheelbarrows laden with papaya and Seville orange seedlings, and free range eggs collected from our “Chateau Chooks” that morning meet you at the top of the stairs, not before being enticed by delicious garden lavender infused honey and pepper jelly that line the walkway.

From the pickled garden seasoning peppers to The Brasserie’s homemade hot sauce, this farmers’ market proudly boasts the flavors of the season in grassroots fashion, encouraging people to start growing and caring for their own food.

The tasty gooseberry BBQ sauce is a true reflection of The Brasserie’s bountiful harvest, not to mention the local Seville orange marmalade created by our talented Pastry Chef.

Through this event, and others, The Brasserie continues to create and increase awareness of the edible garden growing within Cricket Square, giving customers the opportunity to learn and form a connection with locally produced food.

May this be the first of many farmers’ markets at The Brasserie!