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soursop  SUPERFOOD SERIES: Soursop

Strawberry and pineapple are the first two flavours that you’ll taste when you bite into the creamy flesh of the soursop.

Other soursop lovers claim the spiny and strange-shaped fruit tastes like a combination between a mango and a pineapple. Some say sweetness prevails with a backend tang. Others claim it is more pineapple-flavoured, with hints of mango.

A distinctly tropical treat, this member of the custard apple family is nutrient-dense and provides good amounts of fibre and vitamin C for very few calories.

Used as an herbal treatment for stomach ailments and fever, the impressive health benefits of soursop also include its ability to kill parasites, improve respiratory conditions, offer sedative qualities, reduce the risk of certain kinds of cancer, boost the immune system, soothe the stomach, and relieve pain.

If you are struggling with a cough, cold, or other forms of the respiratory ailment, then soursop’s anti-inflammatory properties can help clear out your airways, relieve congestion, and soothe irritation.

Soursop tea has been used as a stress relieving strategy for centuries. There are certain anti-inflammatory and soothing properties of soursop that make it very effective if you are suffering from excessive stress and anxiety. Stress hormones in the body can be detrimental and can disturb your natural metabolic cycles, as well as your sleep schedule. If you’re suffering from insomnia or restless sleep, soursop tea is a wise choice.

Protecting the immune system is one of the most important components of maintaining a healthy body. Adding a bit of soursop fruit to your diet can positively impact your overall health. Rich in vitamin C, this fruit stimulates the production of white blood cells, while the concentration of antioxidants helps to neutralise free radicals and prevent chronic disease.

The leaves and roots are known to boost your immune system, help soothe stomach ailments and ease hypertension. As already mentioned, soursop is a powerful antioxidant and a good source of vitamin C, B1 and B2. The latter two along with magnesium help to boost your energy levels without giving you the dip that is associated with caffeine.

The soursop fruit’s green leathery skin is covered in small thorns, but you’ll find that it’s surprisingly tender. Despite its somewhat severe appearance, with a few well-placed cuts, soursop can be peeled with little effort. So enjoy The Brasserie’s soursop next time you see it on our menu, now that you know all of the health benefits this incredible local superfood can provide.

THE PITCH: July in Cricket Square

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Summer in Cricket Square means live tennis coverage with rosé in hand, culinary garden tours for children and big discounts on Brasserie beers, wines and spirits.

Brasserie Closing Party

THE BRASSERIE — Wish the Restaurant staff a happy and safe vacation as we celebrate the end of another fantastic Brasserie season in Cricket Square. On Wednesday 31 July join us for happy hour prices and half price bottles of wine from 5pm until close. Call 945 1815 or email to make your dinner reservation. This is the last chance you’ll get to dine with us until we reopen on Monday 2 September so book now.

Liquor Tent Sale: 4-6pm Friday 26 July

WICKET BAR — This event only happens twice a year at the Wicket Bar! Starting at 4pm on Friday 26 July, save big bucks with huge discounts on your favourite fine wines, craft beers and artisanal spirits. Stock up for the summer holidays and start stashing away for Christmas. Everything must go! The sale finishes at 6pm so get there early to grab the bargains.

Garden Tour: 10:30am Thursday 25 July

THE BRASSERIE — As farm-to-table pioneers in Cayman, The Brasserie is excited to host an interactive Kids Culinary Summer tour at Cricket Square. Starting at 10:30am, join our Head Gardener for a one-hour excursion through the organic vegetable garden, visit the chefs to see the fresh catch come in from the ‘Brasserie Catch’ fishing boats, watch the ‘Brasserie Bees’ busy at work, and collect eggs from the on-site ‘Chateau Chooks’. Call 945 1815 or email to book your children in for this unique food journey.

Live coverage of Wimbledon at the Wicket

WICKET BAR — Enjoy front row seats to Wimbledon right here in Cricket Square! Don’t miss a moment of the action at the Wicket Bar as you sip on a fresh juice or glass of rosé. The first round has begun with the ladies and mens’ singles semifinals scheduled 11 and 12 July. All the excitement of Wimbledon without the queues.

Curbside pick-up at the Caboose

THE CABOOSE — Convenience and customer service are what we pride ourselves on at the Caboose. That’s why we’ve made it even easier for you to enjoy your favourite Caboose dishes. Call our friendly staff on 945 1816, place your order, then pull up curbside in our designated pick-up areas and a Caboose team member will bring your meal over to you. You don’t even need to get out of your vehicle! Open from 11am to 6pm weekdays, choose from quality meat and vegetarian options.

One of the best açaí bowls on island

WICKET BAR – Our customers have spoken and Juiced @ the Wicket Bar boasts one of the best açaí bowls in Grand Cayman. A satisfying combination of açaí berry, strawberry, orange, house-made, granola and our very own Coco Bluff coconut. This superfood from the Amazon rainforest helps lower cholesterol, accelerates the metabolism, is a powerful antioxidant that’s high in vitamin C, and contains flavonoids to help delay the signs of aging. View the Juiced @ menu and call 927 6419 to order.

Summer at The Club special

THE CLUB — Get “summer ready” at The Club with our special personal training offer now available. For just $299, receive five private sessions with our qualified and experienced personal trainer. Call 949 2582 or email The Club to book now.

ENERGY’s Summer of Love

ENERGY — For the month of July, enjoy an unlimited summer class pass for $299 and feel the love at ENERGY. All-inclusive Reformer, Group Fitness and Lunch Express classes are part of this offer that runs from 1 July to 27 July 2019. Signing up is easy. Call Colleen and the team on 946 6006 or email. Summer is here!

Market, Caboose and Wicket Bar are open

THE BRASSERIE — Even though The Brasserie’s annual August closing is fast approaching, don’t forget that the Market, Caboose and Juiced @ the Wicket Bar will stay open for the entire month. For the best TGIF on island, head to the Wicket Bar for our 5 @ 5 Happy Hour every Friday. Contact the Market to order ahead on 945 1814. The Brasserie reopens on Monday 2 September.


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grapes  SUPERFOOD SERIES: Grapes

Grapes have so many surprising health benefits that after you read this blog, you’ll want to eat the whole bunch.

One of the greatest benefits of adding grapes to your diet is the addition of resveratrol,  shown to activate genes associated with slower aging and longer lifespan. Flavonoids present in grapes are antioxidants, which can reduce and fight the damage caused by free radicals. Free radicals lead to the development of cataracts and various age-related problems. This free radical damage has been somewhat linked to speed macular degeneration. Fortunately, antioxidants combat these free radicals, help you look younger and stave off age-related conditions like cataracts.

Grapes increase nitric oxide levels in the blood, which can prevent blood clots and and assist in overall cardiovascular health.

Another great grape health benefit is the ability to support bone health and prevent the onset of age-related conditions like osteoporosis. Calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and vitamin K are important nutrients found in grapes, which are also a wonderful source of micro-nutrients like copper, iron and manganese, all of which are important in the formation and strength of the bones. Manganese is an extremely important element in the body, which aids in protein metabolism, collagen formation, and nervous system functioning.

Grapes are high in a B-vitamin, riboflavin, that is needed to break down carbohydrates into energy, and as a result, may improve memory, attention and mood.

Due to their well-known therapeutic value, grapes can be used as a treatment for asthma. In addition to that, the hydrating power of grapes is also high, which increases the moisture present in the lungs and reduces asthmatic events.

Grapes are very effective in overcoming and eliminating constipation. They are classified as a laxative food because they contain organic acid, sugar and cellulose. They also relieve chronic constipation by toning up intestinal muscles and the stomach.

And although grapes are high in sugar, they have a low glycemic index; a measure of how quickly a food raises blood sugar.

THE PITCH: June in Cricket Square

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Beat the summer heat in Cricket Square with mango popsicles, an exclusive Juiced @ and Caboose discount offer and school holiday excursions at The Brasserie.

Mango summer season

CRICKET SQUARE – Mango season is always a time of year that we look forward to in Cayman and, particularly, in Cricket Square. Our trees are dripping with juicy ripe fruit that can be enjoyed on The Brasserie, Market and Juiced @ the Wicket Bar menus. Try our mango smoothies, mango sorbet, mango salad and mango popsicles for just a sample of the local flavours we have on offer.

SWIRL: 5-7pm on Thursday 20 June

THE BRASSERIE — Fall in love with the long legs of French wine! Did you know that the French produce about six billion bottles of wine each year? France is the second largest wine-producing country in the world, so join us to experience the flavours of your French favourites such as Vouvray, Sancerre, Bordeaux and Burgundy. For just CI$30 enjoy four wines, hors d’oeuvres and 10% off showcased “vins”. Call 945 1815 or email.

Mango popsicles now at the Wicket Bar

WICKET BAR — Summer is all about cooling off with a mango popsicle while sitting under the shade of the trees on the Wicket Bar lawn. Beat the heat with our $3 housemade icy cold Juiced @ popsicles created using pure mango and no artificial flavours, colouring or sweeteners. Pop by the Wicket Bar and grab yours.

Flowers Sea Swim: 15 June 2019

SEVEN MILE BEACH — The Flowers Sea Swim swims into its 27th year and is the world’s richest open water event with over $100,000 in cash and prizes. Last year’s event boasted over 1000 registrants. Participants vary in age from 8 to 80 years old and in skill from first-timers to gold medal Olympians. This fun event welcomes swimmers from all strokes of life! Register here.

Caboose website is now live

CABOOSE — Did you know that you can now find the Caboose menu conveniently located on the new Caboose website? Before placing your order over the phone for takeaway or curbside pick-up, go online, choose what you’d like to order and then call our friendly Caboose team on 945 1816. We’re open from 11am to 6pm weekdays so you have plenty of time to order. Check out our menu, view outlet photos and learn more about how we lovingly prepare and cook Caboose meats and vegetables here.

Post a photo and save 10%

WICKET BAR & CABOOSE – Do you have a Facebook or Instagram page and love taking “foodie” photos? While enjoying one of our delicious juices or nutritional smoothies at Juiced @ the Wicket Bar or ‘melt-in-your-mouth’ Caboose brisket, take a photo and receive 10% off your order. Make sure you follow and tag @caboosecayman or @juicedatthewicket and @juicedcayman, and show your post at checkout to get your discount.

Kids Culinary Summer

THE BRASSERIE — Summer vacation is the time to recreate favourite childhood memories and make new ones together. This summer The Brasserie will once again be offering interactive farm-to-table culinary tours for children in June and July! Harvest produce from the organic vegetable garden, see the fresh catch come in from the ‘Brasserie Catch’ fishing boats, watch the ‘Brasserie Bees’ busy at work, and collect eggs from the on-site ‘Chateau Chooks’. Call 945 1815 or email to book.

Bessemer Trust moves into SIX

CRICKET SQUARE — Congratulations to Bessemer Trust who have moved to their new office in SIX. Paget-Brown Trust Company have also moved from Boundary Hall to Century Yard. The gate and barrier installation at Shedden Road is also complete and working well. We have seen a reduced amount of through traffic and will be making adjustments to gate operations to make further improvements.

Experience the power of SYNRGY 360

THE CLUB — If you’d like to learn more about the SYNRGY 360, then sign up for The Club‘s next 4-week small group training workshop starting Tuesday 4 June. For $150 per person, join the team every Tuesday and Thursday over this period from 6:30pm-7:15pm. Call 949 CLUB or email the team for further details.

Rise Up at ENERGY and win a free pass

ENERGY — Participate in over 10 classes in 30 days during ENERGY‘s May/June schedule and be in the running to win a Total Body Class Pass for you and a friend! And don’t forget your midday chill pill at ENERGY with 45-minute daily lunchtime classes designed to leave you glowing with endorphins and energised all afternoon. Just $100 per person for an unlimited month pass. Call 946 6006 or email the ENERGY team.

The Brasserie farewells Shawn Rodrigues

THE BRASSERIE — Many of you know our talented mixologist, Shawn Rodrigues, shaking up cocktails in The Brasserie garden and offering his expertise and knowledge at our Brasserie Purveyors‘ Tent Sales in Cricket Square. Shawn will be finishing up behind The Brasserie bar at the end of July as we welcome Damir Djordjic from Serbia. Wishing you all the best Shawn!


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Locally called “dolphin,” Mahi-Mahi is known to be one of Cayman’s favourite fish, sustainably-caught, and recognised by its bright blue, green and yellow colours, long body, and short, distinct face.

Mahi is a low-calorie fish with a high amount of protein, vitamins and minerals. The fish contains vitamin B-5 and B-6, which supports healthy cell function and controls metabolism. Vitamins B-5 and B-6 are also beneficial to brain function and mood by helping to produce neurotransmitters and hormones. Selenium and potassium are both minerals found in this fish, which helps the body to fight disease and support the immune system.

Freshly caught by the ‘Brasserie Catch’ fishing boats, you’ll find this popular fish popping up all over The Brasserie menu. Our mahi fish tacos are a real treat!